Information for GPs

We set up the Women’s Cancer Clinic to provide all aspects of gynaecological cancer care within the private setting. We provide our services in a multidisciplinary environment equating NHS care. Our Team already has an excellent track record in cancer care in the Pan-Birmingham Gynaecological Cancer Centre.

We provide:
  • High quality, holistic care for all aspects of gynaecological cancer
  • Multidisciplinary team environment with MDT meetings
  • The highest standard of surgical care, chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Timely care complying with all NHS cancer targets
  • Approachable team with access for GPs to discuss individual cases
  • Care for insured and self-paying patients from the UK and overseas

Should you require any further information about our Team or the care we provide, please do not hesitate to call our secretary and leave your phone number or email address, so we can call you back or email to you.

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